Sunday, November 20, 2011

True Love is better than First Love

If I ever listen this title statement, I would lol over it, but when today I read it somewhere I agreed with it. It's the best thing to find someone late who loves you unconditionally, I'm yes it's olrite even if he's not the first one. 

I heard that the first love is unforgettable, immortal alabla.. Bullshit! First love is foolish and curiosity but nothing else. Anyways I was not here to talk about the first love, I was planning to talk about Real Love. Not the Massari's Real Love not the one which make you up whole night but the one which give you so much comfort to sleep whole day whole night without any fear.

Oh I forget to NOT talk about the philosophical things on my first, last, true, fake, real or unreal love. I was here to talk about the UNCONTROLLABLE SLEEP I'm having these days. From the sleeping disorders to perfect sleep, sounds strange to me but seriously I'm the victim. LOL

Well ! I asked M to wake me up at 5 PM for Maghrib, No alarm call me on 5, I woke up myself and offered prayers. After he came back from Salat, I was like, why didn't you wake me up? *gussa gussa* 
M: 'cause I want you to sleep. 
Me: Seriously .. Seriously? Na kar!

 *yawns... Falls a sleep..* My true loves made me sleep a lot.. 

anyways ! 
A random picture I shared on She Exists Facebook Page, on my totally random post.

Signing off .. Sleeping is better than posting on blogs !
bye bye ! <3 


  1. I am totally agreed with the title of this post.
    Love is to make the other one comfortable not yourself.

  2. He still lets me sleep for hours, just because he doesn't want me having a disturbed sleep. lol ***

  3. I will always be with you <3