Tuesday, December 20, 2011

KFC & My Team Lunch

I was so stuffed yesterday, the food I'd yesterday, was enough for 10 people like me but the excitement killed the diet plans and I enjoyed the food till my stomach cried out loud. Anyways I planned to have no food next 3 or 4 days to digest everything but the luck dragged me to KFC on lunch. 

The lunch was planned by my colleague who's leaving office soon. So I enjoyed "The Hot Shots" and everyone else pleased them with the yummy zingers, panini and jalapeno. It was fun with 4 others in my team, couldn't manage to invite M to join with me this time but still it was a good day... and the pictures are there as promised by my daily blogger soul. 

KFC Equations
Zinger KFC
My Hot Shots with Pepsi
And the last few Hot Shots
I enjoyed throughout the lunch and the last drive in 20 Rs .. 
Signing off to sleep , will come up with a new story !
Chaos !

Monday, December 19, 2011

Turning 25 ... Happy Birthday !

Growing up is tough 'cause mirrors, our enemies often ask difficult questions.. 
Am I beautiful??? Will he love me when I'll grow more old with wrinkles on face? Am I looking fat? Did he appreciate my thoughts and feelings or just my face?? My happiness will end as i grow old?? why is growing up is so hard? 

I turned 25 today and I've no shame in saying that I'm a grown up girl now. I've no shame in saying that I'm growing up 'cause I'm happy in my small world and if I'm growing, every other thing is growing up with me. I'd my time and if I'm old enough for something, I've to give others to have a chance to live a young life. 

But believe you me I don't feel 25 is an age to feel quite older if you're happy and satisfied with your life, and I'm so graceful to Almighty that I'm quite satisfied with everything what I've today. So the point is, no one of us is scared of growing up, all of us scared of losing their happiness. We all are searching for happiness but on wrong places. 

I spent a splendid life, I got everything what I ever wished for, but I'm quite ashamed that I spent a bit of my life in crying and complaining and  demanding for wrong things. I laugh on me today when I realize what was the His plan for me. The problem was with me that people made me so scared of being a grown up girl. 

I never think in that way till I was 23 but I spent the difficult and loser most time when I was 24 and single. Some people used to talk about my physical appearance, others used to tell me that I'm quite old to stay single. Others jus used to realize me all time that my family and my sisters are suffering because of me. I was quite hurt last year. 

But with this blessed 25th year, I realize the meaning of life, the purpose of growing up and the idea to spend a smart and beautiful life. I never said that I was less smart and  beautiful at the age of 24 but the tantrums of people made me way more beautiful than I was a year back. For those who were thinking I was fat, I'm quite young, active and smart, I lost hell amount of pounds, for those who used to think I'm old enough to get married and so jealous to see that I'got the love of my life, for those who claimed that they got married at the age of 21 and they are very happy and I choose a wrong path in staying single, they are regretting sitting at homes, cooking all day for hubbies, getting fat and psycho day by day by managing their house lives. (I'm not saying I don't want a home life but they really don't have their own life left), those who were thinking I was monotonic in style, I change my whole style statement, who were threatening me with the insecurities of my family, they shut their mouths themselves. I made me life again in one year, I reset everything. 

For everyone who think there is no reset button in life, there is. There's always an opportunity to start from scratch and make your life, all you need to move in the right direction and keep your ride steady and smooth. 

So enough with the speech I made about my life and things, here's the short story of my day... My blessed, beautiful 25th birthday !

Happy Birthday to Me !

I wasn't expecting that much splendid day, it was the best day of my 25 years life. Everyone wished me, everyone.. My parents, my soul mate, my in laws, my friends, my colleagues, everyone. Everyone made my day ! 

M had planned some gifts for me, roses, perfume, cards, chocolates, and my She Exists prints.. all things which can add romance in a day, in my whole life.. Smell of those cute roses made my day fresh, sweetness of those my favorite cadbury nuts chocolate make my whole life delicious and yummy, and the fragrance of the perfume and his love make my life more charming and sweet. 

Everything was awesome today, my birthday, his gifts, our lunch and a small walk, cake at office, birthday at home, calls and wishes from everyone around me, chicken cooked by mum, cards from family and colleagues and my strong love and faith on life. Here are some pics I'm going to share from my awesome day.

Kit Kat Pastries
Nuggets and Bar-B-Q Tikka in Salt N Pepper
Nuggets with fries and coleslaw in Salt N Pepper
Stuffed Chicken Breast with fries, coleslaw and spinach in Salt N Pepper
Roses, chocolates, cards and Perfumes
Hehe , M made this Heart
Cards, She Exists Banner and Random Papers
Roses with Cards
Perfume, Rose Petals and Cards
M wrote it on My Card
Card, Banner and Chocolates
Dairy Milk Chocolates
Yummy Chocolate Cake
Food cooked by Mummy ! Fried Chicken with Fries
My facebook banner today
Beautiful Rose bouquet by Sehar
I never want to stop writing this post, but I'm so tired and I've to get up early in the morning to start struggling with an other beautiful day of my life.
I'll come back with some new fun stuff soon. Till then Miss me ! 
Love ! Big Mwahs !

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Statue - Random Me

She was told to not turn back on leaving or else she would be frozen, but the city hold her and she's statued there.

Even I'm happy and satisfied with the best I've, I always feel bad what I left behind, I wasted the most beautiful part of my life on something which least deserve it. Worth regretting?  I never turned back, I never want to turn back and I can forgive but ....  I can't forget. I can't forget anything. Though I'm very happy, blessed and satisfied but my mind statued in my past, in my memories.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Diyaa Aur Baati Hum

I hate television dramas. They are over exaggerated and highly non-realistic. Well people at my home are found of some of them and I used to suffer sometimes with them in my family time. Last night I was sitting there with them and someone jus tuned our very own Star Plus, some serial was on, I couldn't manage to get its name, it was the title track... I liked it when I listen first verse and then I suddenly fall in love.

I have never watched this drama, even I'm NOT into songs from last few months but this was ... this one was very a really nice one, specially for someone like me who loves Kelash Kher's songs and recognize his voice in 1000s. The song title calls "Diyaa aur Baati Hum" (I found it by searching Kelash Kher on youtube). It's an awesome one by Kelash. Hope everyone would love it. 

For those who cannot get lyrics like I couldn't get in first time.
Tum Suraj Main Saanjh Piya Ji…
Mare Sapno Ki Tu Parwaj Piya Ji…
Piya Ji…
Tharo Maro Milan Ko Lage Re Saathi… Jaiso Diya Aur Baati…
Ho Diya Aur Baati Hum…
Main Jo Chalu Toh Sang Chale More Piya… More Piya…
Meri Khushiyon Mein… Yun Rango Bharo Ji Piya…
More Piya…
Tumne Jo Dekhe… Sapne Suhane…
Un Sapno… Ko Apna Bana Le…
Tu Dhadkan Main Janu Piya Ji…
Mare Hothon Ki… Tu Muskan Piya Ji…
Tharo Maro Milan Ko Laage Saathi Re Jaise… Diya Aur Baati…
Diya Aur Baati Hum…
Tum Jo Sang Ho Lage… Mujhko Sara Jahan…
Apna Mujhe…
Milke Chalenge Hai Ye Kasam…
Jo Saath Tera… Mujhko Mile…
Rahon Se Kaante… Hum Chun Lenge…
Dhup Mein Chaaya… Banke Chalenge…
Jag Se Nirala Hoga… Saath Piya Ji…
Mare Sapno Ki Tu Parwaj Piya…
Tharo Maro Milan Ko Lage Re Saathi… Jaise Diya Aur Baati…
Ho Diya Aur Baati Hum…
Diya… Diya… Ho… Diya Aur Baati Hum…

Thursday, December 1, 2011

December Dedication

I feel so connected with you, and I have the reasons of it. 

December, snow, winters, memories and my birthday. From last few Decembers, I was too complaining about the roughness and toughness of life and I'm amazed how life changed to 180 dramatically this year.

Anyways ! I was talking about the connection between me and you. I spent my long dark nights of winters with you, I walked on snow holding your hands and I dreamed about my whole life with you. I wished for you. and now when you're here, I feel the happiest person alive on the world.

I don't know what I wanted to state (as usual I know) but all I know, I'm so happy to be with you. You made my life and my December.
(December dedication to my you!)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

True Love is better than First Love

If I ever listen this title statement, I would lol over it, but when today I read it somewhere I agreed with it. It's the best thing to find someone late who loves you unconditionally, I'm yes it's olrite even if he's not the first one. 

I heard that the first love is unforgettable, immortal alabla.. Bullshit! First love is foolish and curiosity but nothing else. Anyways I was not here to talk about the first love, I was planning to talk about Real Love. Not the Massari's Real Love not the one which make you up whole night but the one which give you so much comfort to sleep whole day whole night without any fear.

Oh I forget to NOT talk about the philosophical things on my first, last, true, fake, real or unreal love. I was here to talk about the UNCONTROLLABLE SLEEP I'm having these days. From the sleeping disorders to perfect sleep, sounds strange to me but seriously I'm the victim. LOL

Well ! I asked M to wake me up at 5 PM for Maghrib, No alarm call me on 5, I woke up myself and offered prayers. After he came back from Salat, I was like, why didn't you wake me up? *gussa gussa* 
M: 'cause I want you to sleep. 
Me: Seriously .. Seriously? Na kar!

 *yawns... Falls a sleep..* My true loves made me sleep a lot.. 

anyways ! 
A random picture I shared on She Exists Facebook Page, on my totally random post.

Signing off .. Sleeping is better than posting on blogs !
bye bye ! <3 

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Back to School !!!

Remember the time after summer vacations? the first day after vacations were always horrible to me. By horrible I mean the real horrible one.. !

I'd 3 days Eid vacations on 7 to 9 and I applied for two annual leaves on 10th and 11th.. it was expected a 8 days vacations but FORTUNATELY, I was blessed by fever on 4th and my vacations extended from 8 days to 11 days.. Can you imagine 11 days at home. 

Well well well ... It was the real blessing for me .. 11 days at home with family and I really had the time of my life once again after so long. 

the hell is its Monday tomorrow and I'm feeling sick on going back to work. I was revising the time of being a kid and going back to school after summer vacations. the same tickling I'm feeling in my stomach once again. I was thinking about the time in future, when I'll send my kids back to school... lol ... I'm gonna share this idea with M. 

Anyways ! No Lol-ing dude... Hell its Monday !!! but yea the good thing about the upcoming Monday is I'll see some lovely and lively faces again after 11 days and 12 nights lol. So its Monday and I've tickling in my stomach buh its ok !!

Back to School Office ...!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

You and Me and Our Love !!

You know how it feels when you find flowers on your side table when you wake up in morning, or on your office desk, or on your dinning table .. 

With no exaggerations, it feels like you are in the air and ruling the world, there's someone who cares and loves you and this is the most amazing feeling in the whole universe. 

They say a flower speak thousand of unsaid words and I say "I agree.. "

This is the second time when M left flowers for me .. and I don't know how to tell him that he's completing all those things which were lacking in my life .. Jus a random confession that you made me forget the every worst thing happened in my past and I feel like I'm a Real Princess with my Prince Charming !! 

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fever Fever!!

So this month is horrible here in Lahore .. Dengue Fever is spreading so fast and it's horrible seriously. I was so scared and following all precautions they described in their campaigns but finally I'm caught by fever. It's not Dengue yet .. I mean I don't know exactly but hell Fever .. !! 

So What If I die with it ? OMG !! 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

it Rains when She Cries

These rains are my best friends, they know every time how I feel, and I always talk to them.. 

Monday, September 12, 2011

I Planned my Life in 3 Secs..

You smiled looking into my eyes, holding my hands and confessing your Love
I still remember that moment when you left, my life stopped and I'm still living there...

I wait for you for the last conformance that those 3 seconds weren't a dream.
jus a random confession, I was in Love with you in those 3 secs.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

There is no elevator to success ..

I work in a software house which is on 4th floor of a building. Believe me it's hell when you climb 74 stairs twice a day, sometime more than 3, 4 times. Yesterday when I was entering in building a girl asked me where this office is. I was like follow me, after crossing 3 floors, she was so exhausted and said "Are you sure that office is there?" I laughed and asked her to come one more floor. 

So everyone who comes to our building asks us why there's no elevator. So the management played a trick and placed a new board on the junction of 2nd and 3rd floor saying

There's no elevator to Success, you have to take stairs.

There's no elevator to Success, you have to take stairs.
[Image Source: Google Images]
 It worked for me. *winks*

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Back to Hell !!!

So you know what hurt the most .. (well in my case there's a list *winks*)
but the one in top list item is to work after vacations. I spent 5 days at home and those five days were awesome. No worries about work, development, bugs and timesheets. But today on Monday morning, I'm back to office ..

and this is hell trust me, I'm feeling so pain in my back due to excess of work all those 5 days and serving guests all time who were visiting my father. Even if I'd no pain, I'm feeling trapped again .. Ehh Hell !!

Get me out of it *Cries*
AHhhh !! lemme enjoy my Monday, will see around in a bit .. 

P.S wanna see how I'm doing today .. Take a look to this picture depicting my Today's Condition.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Gossips and Nail Art

It was a great fun day after Eid.. I was quite tensed with stuff around as usual but the the sudden plan with my friend Mehreen made me to get out of my state for a while. And like every other girl we both love to talk a lot .. and by a lot I mean A LOT .. hehe .. 
anyways .. We spent an awesome day together with all girly gossips and girlish talks.. My mum cooked for us and we two enjoyed the day. Take a look to my new nail style (this is a mutual effort by both lol).. 

Ehh don't laugh over it, I know it's not so cool but it's not a total fail, I jus had two nail colors (I'm not fond of nail coloring) and we still made it the best we can do with years old nail polishes. 

It was an overall good day but with not so good start and a bad end. In morning, I'd to work  cause we've no maid from last week and I got tired A LOT. and at the end something made me upset like anything. I always know a smile never come to me without tears.. hehe 

Anyways ! I'd fun but its going to be end my long vacations in a day, never mind still a day left.. the Sunday with its Sunful morning .. Lets see tomorrow .. 

Signing off ..
Aish !

Friday, September 2, 2011

She as a Personal Blogger..

so everyone who knows Aisha Wakeel as 3yesha, knows me a personal blogger. A personal blogger who blogs on 3yesh's Illusions about her dreams, life, and hope which is still alive. And my regular readers know that 3yesh's Illusion went down suddenly. Well well well, I was quite busy in my life other than blog and couldn't get time to blog.. I admit that the traffic went down and people starts losing interest in my blog. In January to August 2011, I posted 204 posts, and In March it was on peak with 59 posts and it was the worst in July with jus 3 posts.

So I decided to do something different, a team blog was an idea but I was already working on I Likes Blog. So a Ladies Magazine Blog was the other idea, I started She Exists the Blog I'm working these days (I'm working so hard, do visit this one.) But it's killing the writer the personal blogger inside me. *Sighs*

But here's the turning point, I'm back on personal blogging, I'll write here with a new name 'She and the City..' this is my smallest city, the city of my dreams. Hope you'll like it and appreciate me same as you did there on 3yesh's Illusion. 
I Love you all .. Muwahs !!!