Monday, November 5, 2012

I want to be an Inspiration!!

the days passed so fast...

The story of those days is quite short, its all about life change. Sometimes you change your life, sometime life changes you. The mantra of life in this case is to change you with the change in life. I'm changed because I'm inspired by the saying "Change because you're not a tree."

This change brings so positive out from my inside. Though I was never bad but this turns a real good part of me, for me and for everyone around me.

The biggest change is about my lil wishlist; that is shortening more day by day and wish that is top of the list today is quite innocent
"I wanna be an Inspiration."

M wants me to write again and I want to fly high and inspire the whole world.

Inspire will include all, dream, believe, being yourself and all what I'm from the beginning  But being an inspiration is itself is tough. I don't know if it's possible or not but at least I'll give it a try. FOR SURE !!!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

2 Months Story!

So it's been more than 2 months that I posted on this blog and sooo much changed in my life in last 2 months or so... I got married, I enjoyed my time in wandering all day long with my hubby, I enjoyed the parties and hangouts, I enjoyed a lot in last 2 months.



Me and My Tikka :P

Now after all that excitement, in the holy month of Ramadan, when all Muslim around the world are fasting, I'm enjoying the spirit of holy month.

Buh yea, it's hell hot here in Lahore, and I'm dying while I'm out or suffering the awesomeness of load shedding. I hate the heat waves, I hate the humid all around. All bad weather is leading me to low B.P and dehydration. I'm sick from last week and having no hope to feel better in this weather. I'm sure this one update will never cover my last 2 months's excitement but hope that would be enough for all.

See you soon my lovely blog and my stalkers !! 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Rab ka Shukrana - Jannat 2

The average movie is having the above average, I can say a super awesome song in it. I simply LOVE it. 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

I'm Still Here !!

I spent a hectic week, weekend at work, spending 15 hours in office in a day, heavy work stress and responsibilities; that stressed made me tired. But one thing that made me UP and ACTIVE was your support and trust on me. 

Everything is changed like i never thought since I found you in my life. I don't know why it all happened and what's more happening since every passing day but it's f&^%$ awesome and I'm lovin' it. I got everything I ever wished, a car, a loving and understanding you, a new happy family, and above all.. A very satisfied life !!! 

Anyways ! I was talking about my last week.. That all mess ended on this Monday, 3 months project and managing whole project all on my own. My first big experience working all alone and I'm so proud on me that I manage it quite well. Well-done me ;) and then jus to treat myself I relaxed all day at home the next day of release. But at home for me ? 
... Noway !!! We planned a shopping, grooming me with a spa and facial, haircut, mani, pedi for a bride to be... lunch and movie ! for shopping and parlor things, my mum stayed with me and for lunch and movie M.. Jannat 2 was bored if I compare it our last movies Houseful 2 or London Paris New-York or Tere Nal Love ho Gaya ! AHhh Emran Hashmi died and I almost cried, which nobody noticed ... ;(

I know we spend whole day long together everyday, but whenever we're all free from everything, I love it, as I love him, his company, his stupid things and his cool advises ;P 

Khair khair !!! I forget to mention the surprises he's giving me everyday, a count down ! and I'll share it after... ....umm 40/50 days or so ! 

The post was jus to remind me that I'm still here !! 

M gifted me this teddy for our car. Sorry for bad lights !

Sunday, April 15, 2012

My New Sony Cyber Shot!

and I am tired of shopping, movies and hangouts. My all days are hectic at work and weekends are busy at hangout places. I never knew things were that left to explore in my own city. May be same old things look beautiful and new when we are together. 

I got a new sony cyber shot, a small camera to shot the places where we visit together. After my olympus, this is a new and cool one. It's a hot pink camera, to show off everyone that I'm still young. hehe. M and me are quite happy with this new addition in our family, though it's a small one. LOL. I know I know it's minor, I'm jus showing off. *winks*... Anyways ! Signing off with this cool camera, in some days I'll come up with some new shopping, till then I'm exploring this cool gadget. 

My first shot

Monday, April 2, 2012

Happy Birthday to my Baby Boy !

I still remember the day when you were born, I still remember the time how I watched you growing up. I still remember the fights and time we'd together. I love you believe it or not. I love all of you ! 

Happy 20th Birthday  !!!

May you live 1000 more year & make us proud! Loads of Love !

Thursday, February 16, 2012

I'm a Real Princess Today!

When I see a year back, everything seems to be so changed, , disastered and telling me to not look back. If Cinderella had gone back to pick up her shoe, she never would have became a princess.

I'm a Real Princess Today! ...

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Jealousy is a disease, Get Well Soon!

We're all surrounded by bunch of people who're sick.. They've a disease with the name of jealousy. The disease which cannot be cured with any medicine in this world. One jealous person cannot be jealous with the one to whom he/SHE thinks lesser than him/HER. It's basically a inferiority complex which is found in people for those who're better than them. So one thing is almost clear that a sick jealous entity has something lacking in him/HER.

A jealous person start copying the other to be like him/HER and always lose his/HER own identity. So what’s to be a copy when there's no effort require in being original. I really don't know the logic behind this sick attitude.

A jealous person starts plotting and planning against the other one, knowing that he/she is all innocent. But here Allah always grant success to what is true.

Jealousy not ends here, a jealous person can be very very dangerous for him/HER or for society. It's a psychological disease which can ruin his/HER jealous personality and everyone starts hating him/HER.

Jealousy can also really dangerous visible marks on you, if you’re a jealous person, it makes your skin complexion DARK. Can send you in the messive stress phase, which can lead you towards heart attack.

Jealousy is a disease, Get Well Soon.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

You and Me Together We !

Rain and thunder storm was so scary last night, but it gave me a another pleasant morning. I'm so happy for another blessed day I'm having and my pace for making it more beautiful. I'm so thankful to God who's sweetly and slowly making everything for You, Me together We. 

I finally spare some time for my blog as M's tired and sleeping and I'll post all previous posts I wrote after my birthday for 

Friday, February 3, 2012

Good Bye Lunch My Bestie

[3rd February 2012]
My bestie was leaving for her home, we two planned a girly party together on her farewell hosted from my side in my favorite food restaurant. Everyone knows, Salt n Pepper. It was fun seriously. Take a look:
Stuffed Chicken - Salt n Pepper
Chicken Steaks - Salt n Pepper
I gave him a small looking mirror as the farewell gift and a best wishes card for her future. 6 months flied so fast, we'd so much good time together once again. We shared a lot, gossiped a lot, chat a lot, called a lot, and now we'll miss each other a lot. Seriously I'm happy for the things happened now and wish you a blessed life. Love you hun.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Shopping Shopping Shopping

[2nd February 2012]
These were the hectic 15 days of my life. I was so frustrated with the hell amount of work and the annoying developer I was working with. He made me so tired by not working and yelling over him and that frustration was making me sick and tired in this hell stress time.

The only way to cure that frustration was shopping and shopping and shopping a lot. Though I couldn't manage to do it a lot but still I bought 4 new dresses. I love love love them, and planning to get 4 more. *Looking around to find someone who get me 4 more* I'm sure someone will read it soon. [tehe] So my shopping ... 

The Clothes after I tried them, I'm so Phohar that My mum is saying they are looking like clothes I'm going to give in laundary. Seriously mum I paid a lot for them... "Ab aisa tou na bolo"
I love pink and teal and when they come together, they look awesome, I've so many pinks and so many teals and now i'm getting so many combinations of pink and teal hehe.

I agreed with the image shared on She Exists saying *I f***** love shopping* Winks SHhh

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Cooking and We

[28 January 2012]
If you know a lil about me, the one thing is crystal clear, I can do anything but can't do cooking. But I cook for him, I cook for my Love [jus sometimes]. My mummy is confused and surprised every time when she finds me in kitchen. But seriously I love cooking for him.

On Humsafar day, Saturday, I cooked Chicken Masala Spaghetti and Spicy Beans salad with cold coffee. The presentation is scary when I capture pictures but the taste was delicious, everyone loved it specially M. Take a look of my cooking. [don't make fun haan, I'm still a Software Engineer not a professional cook]
Chicken Masla Spaghetti
Spicy Beans Salad
Cold Coffee
and this is not enough even M cooked something for lunch and dinner, the plain rice and nihari, I couldn't manage to take picture of nihari but the plain rice were nice.
M Cooked for Lunch
P.S. I never watched Humsafar but only one episode on 27th Jan, It's an over-rated, crap TV serial with a very nice title song.

P.S.S: I hate cooking but love it when I'm cooking for him. <3 This love turned us two Senior Software Engineers into Pro Cooks. ;)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happy Birthday M

[25th January 2012]

Its always good when there's someone who remember and wish you on your birthday, I'm lucky and so also he's lucky. We two are luckiest to have each other. [Alhamdulillah]. 

I was preparing for his birthday for so many days secretly. He asked me to gift a big chocolate cupcake and nothing else, but as he knew me, he was doubtful on me [lol]. I wished him before 12 'cause I want to be first, always first in his life, I'll be always remain first [inshaAllah].

I spammed his wall full of birthday posts in every language. He replied to few and all others appreciated the way I wasted time. 

The wall I spammed with Birthday wishes
The gifts were surprise for him till we went out for birthday celebration and movie, and I told him I'was not giving him anything and he was still cool with that. 

We left office around 1:30 PM, and I bought a sweet and small Bon Vivant luxury cake. It was so cute and yummy that I wanted to eat on spot, but I controlled till we'd to sit somewhere. After getting that sweet cake, we picked our food from KFC where we two made lot of fun with the lady on counter. [hehe]. She gave us extra straw with a drink, two extra spoons and extra ketchup [lucky we *winks* LOL]

We went to Sozo Gold to watch Don-2 and we were quite late this time, the watchman stopped us because we'd food with us and sent us to the cafe area, where we cut the cake and had our lunch. It was fun to getting late for movie and finishing the small but heavy cake. I force M to finish because it was "my Mehnat ki Kamai ka". [LOL]. We watched movie there, it was my first time in Sozo Gold and I didn't like it at all. But still it was good to be with M with all excitement on his Birthday.
Our KFC Meal Yumm Yumm Yummy
My Half KFC Zinger Burger with M's Pepsi and Kit Kat Cake
Bon Vivant small luxury kit kat cake
KFC Meal and extra Ketchup
Ohh I forgot, the gifts I gave him, the surprises which he opened during movie, a cute casual watch, an elegant wallet, a jar full of wishes and 27 small cards which I missed on his last birthdays and a card from my side and another from my parents and siblings. [Hehe] He was still missing the cupcake I promised him [Next Time Hun] 
The jar full of colored wishes and 27 small birthday cards, I captured this picture after two days of birthday celebrations.
after we went to Hyper Star, where the Shaikhness in M didn't let me purchase anything, or maybe it was my shaikhness. *Winks* and last but not the least I enjoyed my favorite McDonald's Ice-cream. [yea yea I'd their ice-cream many times before :P]

It was another the best day in our life Alhamdulliah. and for M, may Allah bless you with life and all happiness, more than you deserve. I love you ! 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Family Dinner and Lahore Rain

[15 January 2012]
I love food specially when it's served with my family. It's raining here and tonight I'd the special food with my family, with all to whom I love a lot, my own, my family. It was a small treat from my side for no reason in my most favorite restaurant Salt n Pepper. It's seriously not my most favorite but I visited so many times there that everyone thinks same. So take a look to the pictures my bro captured after getting food served. I've ours own but I couldn't steal them and upload here. 

It was another good day in my life Alhamdulliah.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

My New Phone - McDonald's - Movie and We

[14 January 2012]
Ahhh weekend after a tiring week we spent, wanted to relax sometime together. I went to hospital with ammi abbu and M joined me there. We planned to visit Hafeez Center for my new phone. Yayy I was so excited about that. My old phone was quite good but I really wanted a new phone and the reason I was giving to everyone was "Awain". So crying at hospital after watching some dreadful scenes, M picked me to the Hafeez Center and after selling my old phone, I purchased a new one. [ahhh don't ask me the sale story, it'll make me cry again -lol-]. So take a look to my new phone. 
My New Phone - Nokia 603
and wow Pace is near to the Hafeez Center, I shouted to go inside for some window shopping and have something to eat 'cause we two hadn't had anything in breakfast. We'd salad and sandwich and moved to the fortress. 

The biggest secret of my life which I never told anyone was so funny, I visited all big names in food but I'd never been to McDonald's in my life. But I told him in whisper and I tried McDonald's first time in my life. Seriously It was BAD except fries.

McDonald's Fires
We planned for movies after window shopping and lunch. It was 2 PM and we'd 30 minutes in movie so we kill our time in Hyper Star watching cute babies coming with mothers for shopping and all kind of clothing, furniture, mobiles, laptops and other gadgets available there.

There was no good movie being played here in cinemas since long and it was another bad choice to watch Indian Bollywood movie "Players". Ehh uncensored, bad story, action movie but still we two enjoyed jus to sit together in all peace. 

Sozo World Lahore 
Anyways we left in between because we were getting late and movie was quite boring. Still it was the best yet tiring day with all sweetness around. Alhamdulliah.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I laugh on my thought that things would change when I would leave.
Everything is moved ahead...
But Me... 
Strange !!!

P.S: this is nothing related with me, jus another sad piece appeared in my mind.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Woh Humsafar Tha ...

I've no interest in Television dramas, and new drama series which is making people crazy couldn't help to get into television. Yes I'm talking about "Humsafar". I was checking the craze around about this drama and the title song. Till now I never get a chance to watch the drama but I'm totally in the spell of this song these days (listening from last four days on repeat) which I was listening on the recommendation of many people around. It's a must listen with awesome poetry.

I cried many times listening this song. I have no idea what I'm relating with it. Think I should watch this drama as well to cry more and satisfy the cry baby inside me lol. Till then listening this track on repeat. 

Adaavatein theen..Taghaaful thaa…
Ranjishein theen Magar….
Bicharne walay main sab kuch thaa Bewafai na thi…