Monday, December 19, 2011

Turning 25 ... Happy Birthday !

Growing up is tough 'cause mirrors, our enemies often ask difficult questions.. 
Am I beautiful??? Will he love me when I'll grow more old with wrinkles on face? Am I looking fat? Did he appreciate my thoughts and feelings or just my face?? My happiness will end as i grow old?? why is growing up is so hard? 

I turned 25 today and I've no shame in saying that I'm a grown up girl now. I've no shame in saying that I'm growing up 'cause I'm happy in my small world and if I'm growing, every other thing is growing up with me. I'd my time and if I'm old enough for something, I've to give others to have a chance to live a young life. 

But believe you me I don't feel 25 is an age to feel quite older if you're happy and satisfied with your life, and I'm so graceful to Almighty that I'm quite satisfied with everything what I've today. So the point is, no one of us is scared of growing up, all of us scared of losing their happiness. We all are searching for happiness but on wrong places. 

I spent a splendid life, I got everything what I ever wished for, but I'm quite ashamed that I spent a bit of my life in crying and complaining and  demanding for wrong things. I laugh on me today when I realize what was the His plan for me. The problem was with me that people made me so scared of being a grown up girl. 

I never think in that way till I was 23 but I spent the difficult and loser most time when I was 24 and single. Some people used to talk about my physical appearance, others used to tell me that I'm quite old to stay single. Others jus used to realize me all time that my family and my sisters are suffering because of me. I was quite hurt last year. 

But with this blessed 25th year, I realize the meaning of life, the purpose of growing up and the idea to spend a smart and beautiful life. I never said that I was less smart and  beautiful at the age of 24 but the tantrums of people made me way more beautiful than I was a year back. For those who were thinking I was fat, I'm quite young, active and smart, I lost hell amount of pounds, for those who used to think I'm old enough to get married and so jealous to see that I'got the love of my life, for those who claimed that they got married at the age of 21 and they are very happy and I choose a wrong path in staying single, they are regretting sitting at homes, cooking all day for hubbies, getting fat and psycho day by day by managing their house lives. (I'm not saying I don't want a home life but they really don't have their own life left), those who were thinking I was monotonic in style, I change my whole style statement, who were threatening me with the insecurities of my family, they shut their mouths themselves. I made me life again in one year, I reset everything. 

For everyone who think there is no reset button in life, there is. There's always an opportunity to start from scratch and make your life, all you need to move in the right direction and keep your ride steady and smooth. 

So enough with the speech I made about my life and things, here's the short story of my day... My blessed, beautiful 25th birthday !

Happy Birthday to Me !

I wasn't expecting that much splendid day, it was the best day of my 25 years life. Everyone wished me, everyone.. My parents, my soul mate, my in laws, my friends, my colleagues, everyone. Everyone made my day ! 

M had planned some gifts for me, roses, perfume, cards, chocolates, and my She Exists prints.. all things which can add romance in a day, in my whole life.. Smell of those cute roses made my day fresh, sweetness of those my favorite cadbury nuts chocolate make my whole life delicious and yummy, and the fragrance of the perfume and his love make my life more charming and sweet. 

Everything was awesome today, my birthday, his gifts, our lunch and a small walk, cake at office, birthday at home, calls and wishes from everyone around me, chicken cooked by mum, cards from family and colleagues and my strong love and faith on life. Here are some pics I'm going to share from my awesome day.

Kit Kat Pastries
Nuggets and Bar-B-Q Tikka in Salt N Pepper
Nuggets with fries and coleslaw in Salt N Pepper
Stuffed Chicken Breast with fries, coleslaw and spinach in Salt N Pepper
Roses, chocolates, cards and Perfumes
Hehe , M made this Heart
Cards, She Exists Banner and Random Papers
Roses with Cards
Perfume, Rose Petals and Cards
M wrote it on My Card
Card, Banner and Chocolates
Dairy Milk Chocolates
Yummy Chocolate Cake
Food cooked by Mummy ! Fried Chicken with Fries
My facebook banner today
Beautiful Rose bouquet by Sehar
I never want to stop writing this post, but I'm so tired and I've to get up early in the morning to start struggling with an other beautiful day of my life.
I'll come back with some new fun stuff soon. Till then Miss me ! 
Love ! Big Mwahs !


  1. looks like you'd a wonderful day. happy birthday and have a wonderful life ahead gorgeous !

  2. :h: happy birthday

  3. The images are awesome. They were not that much beautiful before :$.

    I am so happy by reading your thoughts about life. Yea you are right, one should not regret what he/she had lost in the past.

    You are very lucky to have so much loving people around you especially yours family and only yours M.

    May Allah increases his blessings upon you every day and may you be more more happy. <3

  4. Wow.. great day ... :D
    25 year old woman :P :h: