Thursday, February 16, 2012

I'm a Real Princess Today!

When I see a year back, everything seems to be so changed, , disastered and telling me to not look back. If Cinderella had gone back to pick up her shoe, she never would have became a princess.

I'm a Real Princess Today! ...

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Jealousy is a disease, Get Well Soon!

We're all surrounded by bunch of people who're sick.. They've a disease with the name of jealousy. The disease which cannot be cured with any medicine in this world. One jealous person cannot be jealous with the one to whom he/SHE thinks lesser than him/HER. It's basically a inferiority complex which is found in people for those who're better than them. So one thing is almost clear that a sick jealous entity has something lacking in him/HER.

A jealous person start copying the other to be like him/HER and always lose his/HER own identity. So what’s to be a copy when there's no effort require in being original. I really don't know the logic behind this sick attitude.

A jealous person starts plotting and planning against the other one, knowing that he/she is all innocent. But here Allah always grant success to what is true.

Jealousy not ends here, a jealous person can be very very dangerous for him/HER or for society. It's a psychological disease which can ruin his/HER jealous personality and everyone starts hating him/HER.

Jealousy can also really dangerous visible marks on you, if you’re a jealous person, it makes your skin complexion DARK. Can send you in the messive stress phase, which can lead you towards heart attack.

Jealousy is a disease, Get Well Soon.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

You and Me Together We !

Rain and thunder storm was so scary last night, but it gave me a another pleasant morning. I'm so happy for another blessed day I'm having and my pace for making it more beautiful. I'm so thankful to God who's sweetly and slowly making everything for You, Me together We. 

I finally spare some time for my blog as M's tired and sleeping and I'll post all previous posts I wrote after my birthday for 

Friday, February 3, 2012

Good Bye Lunch My Bestie

[3rd February 2012]
My bestie was leaving for her home, we two planned a girly party together on her farewell hosted from my side in my favorite food restaurant. Everyone knows, Salt n Pepper. It was fun seriously. Take a look:
Stuffed Chicken - Salt n Pepper
Chicken Steaks - Salt n Pepper
I gave him a small looking mirror as the farewell gift and a best wishes card for her future. 6 months flied so fast, we'd so much good time together once again. We shared a lot, gossiped a lot, chat a lot, called a lot, and now we'll miss each other a lot. Seriously I'm happy for the things happened now and wish you a blessed life. Love you hun.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Shopping Shopping Shopping

[2nd February 2012]
These were the hectic 15 days of my life. I was so frustrated with the hell amount of work and the annoying developer I was working with. He made me so tired by not working and yelling over him and that frustration was making me sick and tired in this hell stress time.

The only way to cure that frustration was shopping and shopping and shopping a lot. Though I couldn't manage to do it a lot but still I bought 4 new dresses. I love love love them, and planning to get 4 more. *Looking around to find someone who get me 4 more* I'm sure someone will read it soon. [tehe] So my shopping ... 

The Clothes after I tried them, I'm so Phohar that My mum is saying they are looking like clothes I'm going to give in laundary. Seriously mum I paid a lot for them... "Ab aisa tou na bolo"
I love pink and teal and when they come together, they look awesome, I've so many pinks and so many teals and now i'm getting so many combinations of pink and teal hehe.

I agreed with the image shared on She Exists saying *I f***** love shopping* Winks SHhh