Tuesday, December 20, 2011

KFC & My Team Lunch

I was so stuffed yesterday, the food I'd yesterday, was enough for 10 people like me but the excitement killed the diet plans and I enjoyed the food till my stomach cried out loud. Anyways I planned to have no food next 3 or 4 days to digest everything but the luck dragged me to KFC on lunch. 

The lunch was planned by my colleague who's leaving office soon. So I enjoyed "The Hot Shots" and everyone else pleased them with the yummy zingers, panini and jalapeno. It was fun with 4 others in my team, couldn't manage to invite M to join with me this time but still it was a good day... and the pictures are there as promised by my daily blogger soul. 

KFC Equations
Zinger KFC
My Hot Shots with Pepsi
And the last few Hot Shots
I enjoyed throughout the lunch and the last drive in 20 Rs .. 
Signing off to sleep , will come up with a new story !
Chaos !

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