Friday, February 3, 2012

Good Bye Lunch My Bestie

[3rd February 2012]
My bestie was leaving for her home, we two planned a girly party together on her farewell hosted from my side in my favorite food restaurant. Everyone knows, Salt n Pepper. It was fun seriously. Take a look:
Stuffed Chicken - Salt n Pepper
Chicken Steaks - Salt n Pepper
I gave him a small looking mirror as the farewell gift and a best wishes card for her future. 6 months flied so fast, we'd so much good time together once again. We shared a lot, gossiped a lot, chat a lot, called a lot, and now we'll miss each other a lot. Seriously I'm happy for the things happened now and wish you a blessed life. Love you hun.

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  1. heyyyy mene yeh post aaj dekhiiii

    love u toooo hun!!!! i enjoyed that lunch and the mirror sits cutely on my dressing table :)


    mwaah!!!! :)