Thursday, February 2, 2012

Shopping Shopping Shopping

[2nd February 2012]
These were the hectic 15 days of my life. I was so frustrated with the hell amount of work and the annoying developer I was working with. He made me so tired by not working and yelling over him and that frustration was making me sick and tired in this hell stress time.

The only way to cure that frustration was shopping and shopping and shopping a lot. Though I couldn't manage to do it a lot but still I bought 4 new dresses. I love love love them, and planning to get 4 more. *Looking around to find someone who get me 4 more* I'm sure someone will read it soon. [tehe] So my shopping ... 

The Clothes after I tried them, I'm so Phohar that My mum is saying they are looking like clothes I'm going to give in laundary. Seriously mum I paid a lot for them... "Ab aisa tou na bolo"
I love pink and teal and when they come together, they look awesome, I've so many pinks and so many teals and now i'm getting so many combinations of pink and teal hehe.

I agreed with the image shared on She Exists saying *I f***** love shopping* Winks SHhh

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