Sunday, April 15, 2012

My New Sony Cyber Shot!

and I am tired of shopping, movies and hangouts. My all days are hectic at work and weekends are busy at hangout places. I never knew things were that left to explore in my own city. May be same old things look beautiful and new when we are together. 

I got a new sony cyber shot, a small camera to shot the places where we visit together. After my olympus, this is a new and cool one. It's a hot pink camera, to show off everyone that I'm still young. hehe. M and me are quite happy with this new addition in our family, though it's a small one. LOL. I know I know it's minor, I'm jus showing off. *winks*... Anyways ! Signing off with this cool camera, in some days I'll come up with some new shopping, till then I'm exploring this cool gadget. 

My first shot

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