Thursday, May 10, 2012

I'm Still Here !!

I spent a hectic week, weekend at work, spending 15 hours in office in a day, heavy work stress and responsibilities; that stressed made me tired. But one thing that made me UP and ACTIVE was your support and trust on me. 

Everything is changed like i never thought since I found you in my life. I don't know why it all happened and what's more happening since every passing day but it's f&^%$ awesome and I'm lovin' it. I got everything I ever wished, a car, a loving and understanding you, a new happy family, and above all.. A very satisfied life !!! 

Anyways ! I was talking about my last week.. That all mess ended on this Monday, 3 months project and managing whole project all on my own. My first big experience working all alone and I'm so proud on me that I manage it quite well. Well-done me ;) and then jus to treat myself I relaxed all day at home the next day of release. But at home for me ? 
... Noway !!! We planned a shopping, grooming me with a spa and facial, haircut, mani, pedi for a bride to be... lunch and movie ! for shopping and parlor things, my mum stayed with me and for lunch and movie M.. Jannat 2 was bored if I compare it our last movies Houseful 2 or London Paris New-York or Tere Nal Love ho Gaya ! AHhh Emran Hashmi died and I almost cried, which nobody noticed ... ;(

I know we spend whole day long together everyday, but whenever we're all free from everything, I love it, as I love him, his company, his stupid things and his cool advises ;P 

Khair khair !!! I forget to mention the surprises he's giving me everyday, a count down ! and I'll share it after... ....umm 40/50 days or so ! 

The post was jus to remind me that I'm still here !! 

M gifted me this teddy for our car. Sorry for bad lights !


  1. Yea the whole weekend was hectic if it comes about the work. But for M it is quite enjoyable. Spent whole week with you, sat besides you, watched your team leading and work.

    You have managed the project very well. I learned many things like reviewing the defects in detail and communicating it to the team.

    Something great is missing :p

    1. yes hun i know, i'm missing the punches i gave u yesterday .. how can i forget them ;D