Saturday, September 3, 2011

Gossips and Nail Art

It was a great fun day after Eid.. I was quite tensed with stuff around as usual but the the sudden plan with my friend Mehreen made me to get out of my state for a while. And like every other girl we both love to talk a lot .. and by a lot I mean A LOT .. hehe .. 
anyways .. We spent an awesome day together with all girly gossips and girlish talks.. My mum cooked for us and we two enjoyed the day. Take a look to my new nail style (this is a mutual effort by both lol).. 

Ehh don't laugh over it, I know it's not so cool but it's not a total fail, I jus had two nail colors (I'm not fond of nail coloring) and we still made it the best we can do with years old nail polishes. 

It was an overall good day but with not so good start and a bad end. In morning, I'd to work  cause we've no maid from last week and I got tired A LOT. and at the end something made me upset like anything. I always know a smile never come to me without tears.. hehe 

Anyways ! I'd fun but its going to be end my long vacations in a day, never mind still a day left.. the Sunday with its Sunful morning .. Lets see tomorrow .. 

Signing off ..
Aish !


  1. Awww kya howa Aish?? I had a superb day girl... thanks for it and especially thanks to listening to my cry baby state :D And the food was super yummy!! I have to learn the biryani recipe from aunty soon!!

    cheer up and smile! ^_^ and share with me anytime u feel like!

  2. routine doora ;D will tell u :$