Friday, September 2, 2011

She as a Personal Blogger..

so everyone who knows Aisha Wakeel as 3yesha, knows me a personal blogger. A personal blogger who blogs on 3yesh's Illusions about her dreams, life, and hope which is still alive. And my regular readers know that 3yesh's Illusion went down suddenly. Well well well, I was quite busy in my life other than blog and couldn't get time to blog.. I admit that the traffic went down and people starts losing interest in my blog. In January to August 2011, I posted 204 posts, and In March it was on peak with 59 posts and it was the worst in July with jus 3 posts.

So I decided to do something different, a team blog was an idea but I was already working on I Likes Blog. So a Ladies Magazine Blog was the other idea, I started She Exists the Blog I'm working these days (I'm working so hard, do visit this one.) But it's killing the writer the personal blogger inside me. *Sighs*

But here's the turning point, I'm back on personal blogging, I'll write here with a new name 'She and the City..' this is my smallest city, the city of my dreams. Hope you'll like it and appreciate me same as you did there on 3yesh's Illusion. 
I Love you all .. Muwahs !!!