Saturday, January 28, 2012

Cooking and We

[28 January 2012]
If you know a lil about me, the one thing is crystal clear, I can do anything but can't do cooking. But I cook for him, I cook for my Love [jus sometimes]. My mummy is confused and surprised every time when she finds me in kitchen. But seriously I love cooking for him.

On Humsafar day, Saturday, I cooked Chicken Masala Spaghetti and Spicy Beans salad with cold coffee. The presentation is scary when I capture pictures but the taste was delicious, everyone loved it specially M. Take a look of my cooking. [don't make fun haan, I'm still a Software Engineer not a professional cook]
Chicken Masla Spaghetti
Spicy Beans Salad
Cold Coffee
and this is not enough even M cooked something for lunch and dinner, the plain rice and nihari, I couldn't manage to take picture of nihari but the plain rice were nice.
M Cooked for Lunch
P.S. I never watched Humsafar but only one episode on 27th Jan, It's an over-rated, crap TV serial with a very nice title song.

P.S.S: I hate cooking but love it when I'm cooking for him. <3 This love turned us two Senior Software Engineers into Pro Cooks. ;)


  1. That's not good :( You shared all your cooked food images but did not share my sweet nihari image. It took more than an hour to wash the chicken meat :C
    and you forgot to share it. :|

    You did not give me Spicy Beans Salad and Cold Coffee :C meanness at its peak :S

  2. im a princess

  3. acha don't be rotlo now, and i forgot to take nihari's picture :p now when i'll cook nihari, i'll take pics and say it's you cooked for me... ;)) hope this would work ;)) and and and .... that bean salad was my diet plan, how could i give that you ;D but yea cold coffee is due dw :P

  4. wow these will definitely work :)