Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happy Birthday M

[25th January 2012]

Its always good when there's someone who remember and wish you on your birthday, I'm lucky and so also he's lucky. We two are luckiest to have each other. [Alhamdulillah]. 

I was preparing for his birthday for so many days secretly. He asked me to gift a big chocolate cupcake and nothing else, but as he knew me, he was doubtful on me [lol]. I wished him before 12 'cause I want to be first, always first in his life, I'll be always remain first [inshaAllah].

I spammed his wall full of birthday posts in every language. He replied to few and all others appreciated the way I wasted time. 

The wall I spammed with Birthday wishes
The gifts were surprise for him till we went out for birthday celebration and movie, and I told him I'was not giving him anything and he was still cool with that. 

We left office around 1:30 PM, and I bought a sweet and small Bon Vivant luxury cake. It was so cute and yummy that I wanted to eat on spot, but I controlled till we'd to sit somewhere. After getting that sweet cake, we picked our food from KFC where we two made lot of fun with the lady on counter. [hehe]. She gave us extra straw with a drink, two extra spoons and extra ketchup [lucky we *winks* LOL]

We went to Sozo Gold to watch Don-2 and we were quite late this time, the watchman stopped us because we'd food with us and sent us to the cafe area, where we cut the cake and had our lunch. It was fun to getting late for movie and finishing the small but heavy cake. I force M to finish because it was "my Mehnat ki Kamai ka". [LOL]. We watched movie there, it was my first time in Sozo Gold and I didn't like it at all. But still it was good to be with M with all excitement on his Birthday.
Our KFC Meal Yumm Yumm Yummy
My Half KFC Zinger Burger with M's Pepsi and Kit Kat Cake
Bon Vivant small luxury kit kat cake
KFC Meal and extra Ketchup
Ohh I forgot, the gifts I gave him, the surprises which he opened during movie, a cute casual watch, an elegant wallet, a jar full of wishes and 27 small cards which I missed on his last birthdays and a card from my side and another from my parents and siblings. [Hehe] He was still missing the cupcake I promised him [Next Time Hun] 
The jar full of colored wishes and 27 small birthday cards, I captured this picture after two days of birthday celebrations.
after we went to Hyper Star, where the Shaikhness in M didn't let me purchase anything, or maybe it was my shaikhness. *Winks* and last but not the least I enjoyed my favorite McDonald's Ice-cream. [yea yea I'd their ice-cream many times before :P]

It was another the best day in our life Alhamdulliah. and for M, may Allah bless you with life and all happiness, more than you deserve. I love you ! 

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