Saturday, January 14, 2012

My New Phone - McDonald's - Movie and We

[14 January 2012]
Ahhh weekend after a tiring week we spent, wanted to relax sometime together. I went to hospital with ammi abbu and M joined me there. We planned to visit Hafeez Center for my new phone. Yayy I was so excited about that. My old phone was quite good but I really wanted a new phone and the reason I was giving to everyone was "Awain". So crying at hospital after watching some dreadful scenes, M picked me to the Hafeez Center and after selling my old phone, I purchased a new one. [ahhh don't ask me the sale story, it'll make me cry again -lol-]. So take a look to my new phone. 
My New Phone - Nokia 603
and wow Pace is near to the Hafeez Center, I shouted to go inside for some window shopping and have something to eat 'cause we two hadn't had anything in breakfast. We'd salad and sandwich and moved to the fortress. 

The biggest secret of my life which I never told anyone was so funny, I visited all big names in food but I'd never been to McDonald's in my life. But I told him in whisper and I tried McDonald's first time in my life. Seriously It was BAD except fries.

McDonald's Fires
We planned for movies after window shopping and lunch. It was 2 PM and we'd 30 minutes in movie so we kill our time in Hyper Star watching cute babies coming with mothers for shopping and all kind of clothing, furniture, mobiles, laptops and other gadgets available there.

There was no good movie being played here in cinemas since long and it was another bad choice to watch Indian Bollywood movie "Players". Ehh uncensored, bad story, action movie but still we two enjoyed jus to sit together in all peace. 

Sozo World Lahore 
Anyways we left in between because we were getting late and movie was quite boring. Still it was the best yet tiring day with all sweetness around. Alhamdulliah.

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